Management systems certification


Management systems certification

The management systems certification body of “NAREK” CJSC carries out audit and certification of implemented and integrated management systems in accordance with the requirements of the standards listed below:


  • AST ISO/IEC 17021-1-2015, AST ISO/IEC SU 17021-2-2013, AST ISO/IEC TS 17021-3-2016,
  • AST ISO 9001-2016/ISO 9001:2015,
  • AST ISO 22000-2019/ISO2200:2018,
  • Certification standard HACCP GOST 33980-2016/CAC/GL 32-1999,
  • FSSC: AST ISO 22000,
  • AST OHSAS 18001/OHSAS 18001, AST ISO 45001,


The training center of the certification body organizes and conducts trainings for personnel involved in management systems. Among the policy components adopted by the certification body in the field of quality assurance are:

  • act within the framework of legislation, legal acts and standards, meet and even exceed the requirements of applicants
  • act transparently and impartially,
  • continuously improve evaluation methods and applied technologies through involvement of competent staff and interested parties.


Payment for work on conformity assessment is made on a contractual basis.

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